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My name, Amreen, means the sky. When I look at the sky, I think of limitless and abundant possibilities, and that’s how I like to view the world around me.

I’m a value-driven and cause-oriented individual. I find fulfilment from working towards a collective cause while continuously growing personally and professionally, and helping others do the same.

I’m also an avid design enthusiast! Design isn’t just about aesthetics (as much as I do enjoy aesthetically pleasing, well, anything!); it’s about communicating a message and storytelling to your audience. It is the actualization of the what – the strategy. I enjoy envisioning the what, and bridging it to the how through creative ideas + thoughtful application of data.

What I’m up to


Finished my undergrad studies in BCom, Honours Marketing at York University

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Developed go-to-market strategies and solutions through Live Client Learning - an experiential learning course, for real life marketing challenges posed by McDonald's Canada, Philips Canada, Just Boardrooms, and Live Buz Media


Worked for ~2 years in the plant-based CPG industry as a Marketing Analyst & Coordinator

I’m passionate about

Glimpse into my days


Live Client Learning (2023)

1st Place

Oxenham Consultants Inc. Enterprising Potential Award

McDonald's TEAM Winning Strategy 

Philips Best Positioning Strategy

Marketing Students' Society

Club of the Year (2022)

McLaughlin College Council

Rookie of the Year (2021)

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